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Digital X-Rays

Dental X-rays have come a long way. Today’s dental X-rays are safer, faster, more comfortable and more informative than the X-rays of years past. Digital X-rays, one of the latest and most advanced dental technologies, produce high-quality images of your teeth that can be viewed instantly by you and Dr. Tosh on a LCD monitor.

Digital Dental X-rays

Digital X-rays reduce radiation by up to 90% and provide exceptional diagnostic information to ensure that potential problems are caught in their earliest stages. Intraoral photography is another alternative to traditional dental X-rays.

With intraoral photography, problems such as cavities, fractures and discolorations in the teeth are captured through clear and sharp photographic images that are taken with a special, tiny intraoral camera.

If it's been awhile since your family's last checkup, schedule an appointment today for digital x-rays that can spot potential problems.