Meet the Team

Kristen, Treatment & Financial Coordinator

Kristen mastered interpreting confusing information and communicating it well years ago. Once our clinical team recommends treatment, she translates it into a financial plan. Kristen investigates outstanding claims with vengeance. You want her on your side!

Just For Fun

Pick two celebrities to be your parents: Paul McCartney and Dolly Parton
Favorite Halloween costume? Baby Spice
Favorite snack: Homemade muddy buddies
If you could live anywhere, where would it be: Near Mt. Rainer
Job you would be terrible at: Flight Attendant

Courtney, Insurance & Scheduling Coordinator

Every day, Courtney reviews upcoming appointments and examines each patient’s dental benefits. It’s her goal to track down all the details several days in advance to be prepared for your visit. And she’s good at it! You’ll likely chat with her on the phone or via text before your visit as well as at the desk when you check in or out. 

Just For Fun

Favorite Scent: Marshmallow Fireside
Hobby: Brand ambassador for kid’s online boutique
Newest passion: Finding deals at Aldi
Best vacation: Cruise to Bahamas
Next adventure: Try line dancing

Amy, Office Manager & Marketing Director

Taking care of marketing something as unique as Tosh Dental Group never disappoints Amy. She puts her thorough attention to detail into all the office operations. Amy also savors the glow of a well-done promotional event or marketing piece. She is genuinely grateful for the many patient spokespeople who enjoy their visits and refer friends and family to our office.

Just For Fun

Childhood hero? The gymnast Mary Lou Retton
If you were a kitchen utensil, which one would you be? The tool that smooths out icing on a cake
Favorite food? Chicken street tacos
Favorite weekend activity: All things marching band.
First job? Ride operator at Old Indiana Fun Park

Lisa, Registered Dental Hygienist

We often overhear Lisa complimenting patients. Her sincerity and compassion shine through when discussing treatment, home care, and even what you did over the summer. Lisa makes comfort a priority with her gentle touch and thorough explanation of procedures. She works to make every visit a pleasant experience.

Just For Fun

Favorite place to eat? The Salty Cowboy
First job: Dog N Suds
Favorite song: “Black” by Pearl Jam
If you could be any superhero, who would it be? Captain America
Favorite weekend activity: Mimosa brunch

Natalie, Registered Dental Hygienist

Natalie knew she wanted to be a hygienist after job shadowing in high school. Her love for dentistry led her to be the president of her hygiene class. Natalie has built strong relationships with many patients and appreciates seeing them on their return visits.

Just For Fun

Favorite scent: Coconut Beach
Wants to try: Bungee jumping, but only after skydiving first
Best vacation: Honeymoon in St. Lucia
Favorite weekend activity: Going to the lake
Favorite dessert: Sour cream coffee cake

Tanya, Registered Dental Hygienist

Patients in Tanya’s chair quickly realize her goal is to make them feel better – not worse – about their dental health. She educates patients of all ages with smiles and laughs. Tanya has also made our Spanish-speaking patients feel even more at home at our office.

Just For Fun

Favorite holiday: Easter
Favorite dessert: Lemon pound cake
Television show you refuse to watch: The Office
Job you would be terrible at: Lawyer
Favorite store: Whiskey Rose Boutique

Kiersten, Expanded Functions Dental Assistant

Kiersten’s energy and enthusiasm fit right into our already fun-filled office. Her big smile greets patients and puts them at ease while she acts as Dr. Tosh’s extra set of hands. She excels at transferring patient concerns to Dr. Tosh to make sure each one is addressed.

Just For Fun

Favorite drink? Vanilla Coke from Milky Way in Frankfort
Childhood hero? My grandpa
What song best describes your work ethic? Firework by Katy Perry
Favorite food: Steak nachos
If you could live in any city, where and why: Siesta Key, FL to be close to the beach

Jamie, Expanded Functions Dental Assistant

You’ll typically see Jamie’s face glowing with a smile from ear to ear. Her heartfelt compassion carries through to a comfortable experience for each patient. Jamie thoroughly explains treatment recommendations to each patient and to the front desk ensuring everyone receives the care they need.

Just For Fun

Favorite color: Pink
Favorite flower: Carnations because they last forever
Next adventure: Sky diving
Pets: Two chihuahuas and a turtle
Job you would be terrible at: Improv Comedian

Heather, Creative Director

The Tosh Dental Group “brand” is a result of Heather. Her vision for the practice comes through in the look and feel of everything we dofrom the wall colors to our circular business cards. It’s all Heather. We rely on her graphic design background to develop effective, good-looking materials. And she helps keep Dr. Tosh in check!

Just For Fun

Favorite drink? As my kids would say, “Mom, do you need your Grande Soy No Water Extra Hot Chai?”
A penguin walks through the door wearing a sombrero. What does he say? Got any grapes?
If you were a kitchen utensil, which one would you be? Cake decorating piping bag
What song best describes your work ethic? All Night Long by Lionel Richie