At Tosh Dental Group, we offer complete periodontics care including deep cleanings and gum therapy. Periodontics focuses on the health of the gums. Healthy gums are necessary for healthy teeth. We know the gums are often overlooked in daily oral hygiene, so we make sure to check your periodontal health at every visit.

The Benefits of Gum Therapy

It is important to maintain healthy gums in order to maintain healthy teeth. One of the preventative procedures that we provide is scaling, which involves the removal of dental plaque buildup on the lower portion of the tooth just below the gums.

Scaling is often followed up by deep cleaning, which involves cleaning and smoothing the root of the tooth. Deep cleaning is done to help the gums reattach to the teeth, which can help keep food particles from getting beneath the gums.

Why You Might Need Gum Therapy

Even with the most diligent efforts, brushing and flossing do not replace routine professional teeth cleanings. In some cases, bacteria in the gums cause infection and require additional treatment beyond routine professional cleanings. This is when gum therapy is necessary. After the initial therapy, maintenance visits every 3 or 4 months ensure your gums continue healing.

Scaling and deep cleaning are frontline defenses against most types of gum disease and tooth decay, and we want to be sure you are always well-armed

Keep Your Mouth Healthy with Periodontal Treatment

It’s our goal to help you keep your teeth for a lifetime. Let’s partner against gum disease. Call today to schedule an appointment.